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This intriguing website aims to open your eyes to the reality that your time on this planet is finite. So, what are you doing with your precious time?

Did you know that you would need 695 3.5 inch floppies to save 1GB worth of files? If you need to know how many floppies you need to save anything, How Many Floppies? has you covered.

Eat or Toss? is a handy little website to tell you if something is OK to eat if it looks a little bit “different”.

Notable People is a interactive globe that shows you were one notable person that was born in a unique geographical location.

Cool. Here are the top 10 finalists for the Illusion of the Year 2023.

Animated Knots will guide you through tying knots for boats, fishing, climbing and it will even help you tie knots for surgery. ­čśČBest of all, it is completely free.