The Web Roundup #1 – We Can Have Lots of Fun

photo of man holding a mcdonald s paper cup

Greetings, person on the internet who is looking for heaps good things! Welcome to the first edition of my new series – “The Web Roundup”. As the name suggests, I’ll be bringing you 10 fascinating and useful links from across the World Wide Web. Be prepared for quirky stories to serious news, from insightful blogs to helpful tools, I’ve scoured the corners of the internet to find the most interesting links for you to visit.

Here are the first 10 links that I hope you enjoy. Oh, I also add 1 video at the very end. I hope you like that too.

I am an old fart (Gen X, not a boomer) and I recently read that people like me only use certain types of emoji’s. Not anymore, I am ahead of the curve because 2023 is going to be all about these emoji’s. 👍

Sorry. You did not win the auction for this ultra rare Sexy Ronald McDonald action figure. But, keep an eye on eBay in case another one comes up after this one sold for over $850!

Keith Richards called Prince “an overrated midget” and called Oasis ‘obnoxious’. Here are some of Keith Richards best insults.

Here is an awesome Instagram account for lovers of travel.

Color Names is asking the internet to name all of the colors that have ever been generated. At the time of me writing this, 3,072,309 colors have been named. That’s only 18.3% of the colors available. 😲

The Cruise Ship Graveyard is where the big boats go to die.

Are Americans really falling in love with Japanese Candy?

Read a random unsent letter from a stranger, from Reddit. When you finish reading one letter, refresh your browser.

Flowful plays infinite length ambient music tracks – great for studying.

My World Vote is an anonymous polling site for sensitive topics, with live stats and a heatmap. Ooooo, a heatmap.

The Video