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Cards Against Humanity is a tremendously popular card game that became a global sensation after debuting on the social fundraising website Kickstarter. However, fans of the game do find it can get a little repetitive after a few games with different people. There is only so many times you can laugh at ‘Blood Farts’ before it gets old. So, if you are looking to replace Cards Against Humanity with something new, you might want to try these. Crabs Adjust Humidity is a terrible little third-party, unofficial, illegal expansion card set that mixes in with the original game and provides 112 morally dubious new cards to play. // Open Up Grandma, a gross twist on the mouth guard guessing game. // Imagine a feline-flavored Russian Roulette: Draw one of the Exploding Kittens, and you’re out. It’s that straightforward. // Drunk Stoned or Stupid is a ‘Who’s Most Likely To’ party game! Call out friends for their hilarious habits. No winners, just laughter. // Bad People is a game that can end friendships. // Become the Poo King in Poo Pocalypse. Family fun from 8 to 88 // Combines innocent words for hilarious phrases in Mobscenity. // Go Fish Yourself is a mature version of Go Fish for those who enjoy a challenge and destroying their buddies. // Feel close to the in-laws? The Voting Game will not help with that relationship. // Never Have I Ever is the best party game for laughing with your pals about your wacky lives. // In We Didn’t Play Test This at All, the concept is simple: destroy your friends. // Awkward Turtle is an party icebreaker for adults. // Disturbed Friends is designed to discover not just how disturbed your friends are, but also how disturbed they believe you are. // Picture Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity meeting Charades and Candy Land: Welcome to the twisted world of Draw What?!! // Expect absurd fights, characters, and arguments with friends in SuperFight. // Dirty Neighbors is a party card game fun for 3 to 10+ players. Creatively answer card prompts with hilarious freedom!