Time Flies: Throwback Photos of Classic Flight Attendants

Time flies! It seems like just yesterday that air travel was still a novelty, and glamorous flight attendants graced the aisles of jumbo jets. As modern air travel has become a more commonplace affair, it’s easy to forget the days when the skies were full of classic style and grace. To pay homage to the legendary flight attendants of the past, today’s blog post will be showcasing vintage-inspired photos of classic flight attendants. From the ’60s to the ’80s, these photos will transport us back to a time when air travel was a treasured experience.

Do you think you have what it used to take to be an flight attendant back in those days? Here are some of the requirements that were expected.

  1. Gender: Most airlines required female flight attendants only. Some airlines did have male stewards, but they were usually restricted to flights with a significant number of male passengers.
  2. Age: Applicants had to be between the ages of 21 and 26. Many airlines required that flight attendants be unmarried and without children, as it was believed that they would be more available for travel and better able to fulfill their duties.
  3. Education: A high school diploma was usually required, and some airlines preferred college graduates.
  4. Physical Appearance: Flight attendants had to meet specific height and weight requirements, and they had to be in good health.
  5. Language skills: Airlines often required fluency in at least one foreign language.
  6. Personality traits: Airlines looked for outgoing, friendly, and well-groomed candidates with good communication skills, a sense of responsibility, and a willingness to work flexible hours.
  7. Training: Once hired, flight attendants underwent extensive training in safety procedures, emergency protocols, customer service, and first aid.

Didn’t take much back then, did it?