An Amazing Collection of Mazes in a Big, Fat PDF File for you

Have you ever come across an amazing maze on the subreddit r/mazes and wished you could save it for later? What if someone (like me) managed to download a large collection of mazes that particular subreddit and compiled them into one big, fat pdf file for you? Then, you downloaded that big, fat pdf file full of mazes and printed them out and then completed all of those incredible mazes made by strangers on Reddit? Would you be ashamed? Embarrassed? Proud?

Well, think no more about those feelings. I have done exactly what I described. I downloaded a heap of mazes, threw them into a pdf and called it: “A collection of 30 mazes that I stole from Reddit and made in to a big, fat pdf file for you to download and complete.”

Below is just a small taste of what you can get.